Mijas Costa Area Guide: Discover the Hidden Gems and Best-Kept Secrets!

Mijas Costa Area Guide Uncovered: Your Next Dream Vacation!

Mijas Costa, nestled between Fuengirola and Marbella, delineates a captivating stretch of coastline. This expanse, largely developed, encompasses El Faro, El Chaparral, La Cala de Mijas, Riviera del Sol, Sitio de Calahonda, and Cabapino. Notably, Sitio de Calahonda reigns as the principal urbanization, boasting Calahonda beach, a sprawling coastline extending 4.5km within the Mijas municipality.

A Constellation of Golf Courses on Your Door Step 

A comprehensive coastal bus service seamlessly connects these resorts, while within Mijas Costa, a constellation of 12 golf courses awaits enthusiasts. Bordering Fuengirola lies the Miramar shopping center and a vibrant water park. El Faro, positioned on a peninsula mere kilometers from Fuengirola and 28km from Malaga International Airport, is distinguished by its commanding lighthouse.

Mijas Costa Area Guide: Top 10 Golf Courses Mijas

Feeling Adventurous? Grab a Surfboard! 

Mijas Costa Area Guide has you covered! Though the coastline exhibits rocky terrain, flanking it are inviting sandy shores, a haven for surfers. Complemented by Chiringuitos and a plethora of beach bars and eateries along El Faro Playa's main thoroughfare, the locale predominantly comprises urbanized residential quarters, cherished by aficionados of self-catering accommodations. For those craving a more bustling ambiance, Fuengirola beckons nearby, while La Cala de Mijas offers an alternative direction to explore.

From Airport to Mijas Costa - A Stones Throw  

Central to Mijas Costa, La Cala de Mijas, situated a mere 31km from Malaga International Airport, has metamorphosed from a humble fishing hamlet into a burgeoning town over the past decade. Despite its evolution, La Cala retains its Spanish village allure, magnetizing an influx of foreign visitors and settlers alike. Its developmental strides have ushered in enhanced amenities, including a healthcare facility and several educational institutions, alongside a golf course. Notably, Sitio de Calahonda finds its jurisdiction within La Cala de Mijas.

A bustling market, gracing the streets twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, complements an array of vibrant bars and eateries, offering nocturnal indulgence for all demographics.

In the summer, La Cala's charm amplifies, with the Passeo adorned with live classical melodies and spirited flamenco performances. Aptly catering to varied preferences, La Cala is a sought-after locale for self-catering accommodations and hotel stays alike, drawing patrons not only from adjacent resorts but also benefiting from its proximity to Marbella, a mere 20km away. La Cala's dual beaches, bestowed with the coveted blue flag accolade, beckon water sports enthusiasts throughout the seasons.


Tranquil Waters of La Butimbamba Beach 

La Butibamba Beach, located in the town of Mijas, boasts a prime location within an urban area that experiences high levels of occupancy, particularly during the summer months. Its popularity stems from its accessibility, easily reachable both on foot and by car, and the diverse range of amenities it offers.

beach la cala de mijas

Featuring bright sand and tranquil waters, La Butibamba has proudly flown the Blue Flag since 2017, attesting to its cleanliness and environmental standards. Situated at the heart of the Cala de Mijas beachfront promenade, it is intersected by the Senda Litoral de Mijas, a coastal path offering stunning views and recreational opportunities for visitors.

Moreover, the beach's vicinity includes the La Cala Tourism Office and the Torres Vigías museum, enriching the visitor experience with opportunities for cultural exploration. During the summer season, La Butibamba transforms into a vibrant hub for musical events and nightlife, providing entertainment and excitement for locals and tourists alike.

Ready to pack your bags?

Whether you choose to visit Mijas Costa during the bustling summer months or the quieter off-season, you're bound to be captivated by its stunning views, warm hospitality, diverse range of activities, and mouthwatering cuisine.

From exploring historical landmarks to relaxing on pristine beaches, from indulging in local delicacies to immersing yourself in the vibrant culture, Mijas Costa Area Guide offers something for every traveler's taste. So pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and get ready to be enchanted by all that this beautiful region has to offer!

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